voices in my head (voicesinmyhead) wrote,
voices in my head

fleeting flavors

I decided to restart my blogging. It's been a long time since I wrote. At the moment, I find myself having a lot of useless time. I amlways thought that It was fun to bum, but apparently it is tyring as well, you constantly have to find something new to do. I know that I shouldn't be complaining, not many people are given the chance to just just relax. I guess it is just that I am not used to this. I dont like that this time envokes thoughts that drive me insane.

I just got home from dinner with my barkada. It's nice to see the girls and how our lives have taken different turns. I have a friend that's married and is pregnant. The other is living in the states already. And the other one is in the dance of love. How we gossip and question the directions that we see. I mean I often wonder what do we want for each other? Happiness? Love? Or ever after? I don't want to be cheesy and say that I want it all for them. All I know is that they are the best bunch of ladies.
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